The latest research on how people and plants cope with climate change

Scientists are exploring whether plants and animals can adapt to changing climate by adapting to changing seasons, new research suggests.A study published in Nature Communications says that the way plants and creatures respond to extreme weather and extreme temperatures can depend on their responses to their own biology and how they respond to changes in […]

What’s the best bug repellant?

The best bug spray is one you can’t buy anywhere, and that is what we’re going to focus on today.So the first question that should be asked when thinking about buying bug spray, especially in the home, is, “What is the best mosquito repellents out there?”It is important to understand the differences between these two […]

In the dust: 10 of the best insects for sale

In the past couple of years, the number of insect sellers has exploded.From the ubiquitous brown recluse spider to the yellow-footed mouse to the common stink bug, there are a number of great options to consider when it comes to buying insects.But the selection of insects available is constantly changing.This is especially true in areas […]

‘The Last Word on Caterpillar Insects’: A Brief History

A Brief Introduction to the Life History of Caterpillars, including Their History of Evolution, Evolutionary Theory, and Their Current Status as Plants.Written by Melissa Glynn, PhD (Alfred A. Knopf, 2011) and Melissa B. Glynn (University of Kentucky, 2016)Contributor: Melissa Glynne is an assistant professor of biology at the University of Kentucky.Melissa is also a co-author […]

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