What insects you might want to look out for when traveling on planes

In the months after Hurricane Irma knocked out power, Florida saw some of the worst flooding in the country.That storm was followed by Hurricane Jose, a tropical storm that slammed the Southeast and caused the loss of more than 100,000 lives.Hurricanes Irma and Jose both killed hundreds of people, and the effects of both are […]

How to get rid of bugs from your lawn

Insecticides, such as the herbicide Roundup and the insecticide mite killer, are widely used in lawns.But how do you kill bugs from the plants that provide the nutrients and cover?Here are three ways to get your lawn pest problems under control:1.Take an insecticide spray:This is a common method of killing bugs, especially mites and beetles, […]

How to protect your house from insect bites

How to keep your house looking its best from insects.The Irish Times has a list of the best insect repellents available and they can be used indoors or outdoors.The best insecticides are not available in every home but many of the most popular insecticides, such as carbaryl and mace, are more effective indoors than outdoors.You […]

Why insecticide resistance is driving the emergence of new species in Australia

Australia is now facing the emergence and spread of novel insect resistance to some of the most important insecticides on the planet, according to the latest research.A new study from the University of Melbourne and the Australian Research Council (ARC) suggests the use of the insecticide chlorpyrifos (a.k.a.“Chlorpyr” or “Roundup”) to kill an invading species […]

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