How to get a fast flying butterfly on your dinner plate

What you need to know about butterfly lore butterfly lore is a story that is worth repeating.The butterfly is the fastest flying insect in the world, and the one that’s usually found in warm and wet places.A study of more than 100 butterfly species found that the longest flying butterfly, the female blue-winged butterfly, can […]

How to make a ‘bumblebee’ insect in your kitchen

Bumblebees have been around for thousands of years.However, the common and the rare have been making the news lately.Now, thanks to a project by Mashable contributor Sarah Miller, you can make your own bumblebees, or at least try to, at home.As Miller points out, the bumblebugs are common in Australia and New Zealand, but rare […]

‘It’s a real pain in the ass’: The ‘buzz’ of new software that will keep people in their cars

“We had a conversation and I said, ‘I think I’m going to have to move.’”The question was, “What’s the most important thing we can do to keep our cars and our homes running smoothly and securely?’”I ended up telling her, “If you are not using an internet connection, your car is not going to be […]

How to get rid of mosquitoes,stings, and ticks

The first step to preventing mosquito bites is to get out of the way.But mosquitoes can be dangerous, and they bite, sting, and bite again, often with a vengeance.Luckily, there are many things you can do to reduce mosquito bites.We’ll look at how to prevent mosquito bites and what you can feed your mosquito, and […]

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