How to find the perfect edible insect in California?

Edible insects can be found in California’s Central Valley and in many other places in the state.The bugs, some of which are native to the state, are commonly used for making chocolates, candy bars, cookies and other products.But there are many more edible insects that can be used in the food industry.Here are 10 edible […]

Insect cocoons found in Australian soil

The Australian government is warning against using insects for “cocoon identification” because of the potential for contamination of soil.According to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, there are about 8,500 insects that have been identified as invasive in Australia.The government says the most common insects found in soil are the housefly, centipede, beetle, wasp, […]

How to tell whether your friend’s bug is Cicada or Cicada-like

In August of 2015, scientists published a paper in the journal Science detailing the first detailed study of how two species of insects interact, and how their behavior and behaviour patterns differ.The paper described two new species of Cicada (the family Cicada, the “bug” and the “bait” insects) and their relatives, the Cicada moths and […]

How a new species of dragonfly is bringing a life-saving new disease into Ireland

A new strain of dragonflies has been discovered in Ireland, and the disease has been linked to the insects’ use of the country’s polluted rivers.The new species, which is named ‘Mammal Dragonfly’, is native to Ireland and was discovered by the US Department of Agriculture’s Northern California Field Station, which monitors and monitors fish and […]

Cricket insect killer image gallery

A new cricket insect killer picture gallery is available, featuring images of two of the most venomous species in Australia.The picture below is of a different type of cricketer. “The image below is from a cricket moth.The insect, the CCDB-C, is a native of the Cauda Peninsula, but can also be found in Queensland, Victoria, […]

A woman and her husband are fighting a battle against an insect allergy and a phobia of bugs

A couple is battling a common phobia: worms.An Israeli woman has a condition called “liver-worm syndrome,” which means she often experiences a high fever and severe muscle aches when she has a cold.She suffers from the condition when she eats the worms found in her home.Her husband, a fisherman, has a similar condition, and he […]

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