How to get rid of tiny red insect bite rash and insect bite fever in your backyard

Small, red, and often white insects are the hallmark of insect bite rashes and fever.But in the case of the tiny red bugs, it’s not as simple as scratching or spraying.The tiny red, white, and blue bugs are often mistaken for the more common red-legged bugs, which are larger and more prevalent in warmer climates.It’s […]

Bayer Insect Killer Kills Parasitic Insects, Trees, Leaves: Report

In an article published by TechRadars on Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirmed the latest Bayer insect killer to be one of the top 20 most effective insect killers for parasitizing insects.The company released the results of its testing in the United States, and its results show that the insect killer was the most […]

How to identify the scale insect in Pennsylvania

The scale insect, an insect with a wing span of 1.5 meters (4 feet), was first described in the US in 1871 by Englishman Thomas Henry Huyghe.It’s a small, slender, insect that lives on trees, branches and shrubs.Scale insects are usually brownish-black, with brown stripes on their backs.They have a broad abdomen, and are able […]

How a New Insect Fogger Could Help Reduce Pollination Source Axios

GREEN INJURY: A NEW INJOURNEY – A New Insect-Goggle Green Insect pollination is an easy-to-use, easy-on-the-eyes, easy to use, insect-proof, easy access insect fogger that is ideal for those of us who are often outdoors but also want to be home at night.It is perfect for the person who is often outdoors at night, but […]

Biodegradable Insect Bite Identification Tool for Dummies

Insects are among the most venomous of all animals.Insects can carry multiple toxins that can cause death or paralysis.Bacteria can be released from the mouthparts of infected insects, causing a life-threatening infection.These toxins can be absorbed through the skin or ingested.There are also pesticides that can be sprayed on infected insects and can cause an […]

When you bite the hand that feeds you: Are we animals?

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough asked whether the word “insect” should be included in the name of a new movie.Scarborough asked if “infected” should have a more scientific meaning.“You could have the word insect as a synonym for a disease, you could have it as a verb to have something that is infected,” Scarborough said.“Or it […]

Why don’t you fear electric insects?

Insects are everywhere, and it’s easy to forget that there are many kinds of insects you don’t know about.Here’s a roundup of what you should know about the most common pests you’ll encounter.Read moreRead moreAbout the Author:Alyssa S. Koehler is the founder of Bricks & Co., an online business consulting and educational company that specializes […]

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