A woman and her husband are fighting a battle against an insect allergy and a phobia of bugs

A couple is battling a common phobia: worms.

An Israeli woman has a condition called “liver-worm syndrome,” which means she often experiences a high fever and severe muscle aches when she has a cold.

She suffers from the condition when she eats the worms found in her home.

Her husband, a fisherman, has a similar condition, and he too suffers from it when he catches the insects found in his yard.

“The worms are very difficult to handle.

They are so tough, but we can’t even touch them, and I feel extremely sick,” said Shai Nissim, 36, a resident of the southern Negev region.

“The pain is unbearable.”‘

We need a vaccine’The Nissims have been living with their symptoms since March, when they were diagnosed with the condition.

They said their symptoms were similar to those of a cold and that their symptoms only worsened as time went on.

“I can’t believe that we are experiencing this together, that we have not had an opportunity to get vaccinated, because there is a vaccine for worms, a vaccine that is widely available,” said Nissima.

“There are thousands of worms, many of them harmless.

So we have no choice but to eat them and suffer with the disease, especially since we have to carry it with us.””

We want a vaccine, but the problem is, we don’t know where it is.”‘

The doctor is telling us that it is just worms’Dr. Moti Ben-Ari, an orthopedic surgeon and researcher in Israel, said he is working with an NGO called the Institute for Health Research to develop a vaccine.

Ben-Arie said the condition is often diagnosed by people who have been bitten by a worm, and there is no known treatment for the worms, and no effective way to control them.

Ben-Ari said that while worms are considered a common pest in Israel and around the world, his organization is working to educate people about their importance.

“We need to have a vaccine because the doctor is giving us no answers,” said Ben-Adriel, who works as a nurse and a teacher.

“We need it now, so that we can protect ourselves from this terrible disease.”‘

A little bit of food’The problem is that there is not much available for treating worms, he said.

The worms are found in a variety of food sources, including vegetables and nuts, and it is difficult to separate them from other insects and to identify them by their color.

Ben Ari and his team are working to identify the most effective ways to identify worms, but he added that they are still working on this task.

“Our research is very limited,” he said, adding that they would like to find ways to use their lab equipment to identify different types of worms.

“I would love to develop more tests to detect worms in foods, but there is nothing we can do.”

Ben-Ariel said that worms are common in the Negevi, where the Nefta is located.

He added that the condition can be triggered by other types of parasites.

“Some people have a similar disease, and the person doesn’t get any symptoms,” he explained.

“But other people have worms and they don’t have symptoms.”

The Institute for Public Health Research (IPHR) is also working to develop tests that could help people determine whether worms are harmful.

Dr. Yael Tsur, who heads the institute’s public health unit, said she hopes that people will get a better understanding of worms and how to protect themselves from them.

“It is very difficult, but it is something that we need to find out,” said Tsur.

“For us, this is an epidemic and we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

Tsur said that the institute is working on a program called ‘A Little Bit of Food,’ which will help people identify worms.

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