An insect-biting fairy tale from a science fiction film

A science fiction movie based on a popular children’s book by Australian author Neil Gaiman has caused outrage on social media.

A Facebook page for the film, called “The Insect Bites”, has more than 2,000 likes and more than 500 comments.

The film’s creators, director David Winton and screenwriter John Logan, have said it is a story about how a family’s garden insects bite, causing it to fall off trees and damage their gardens.

The book, written by author Neil and illustrated by John, was adapted into a feature film by British director David Lynch.

Its popularity has led to the creation of its own Facebook page, “A Very Merry Night to All Who Read It”, which has more then 5,000 fans.

The novel is about a young boy and his mother who find a large insect in their garden and try to kill it by cutting it in half.

The father, who has a small garden, takes the boy to the local police station, where they discover that he had to use a pair of scissors to cut the insect in half to be sure that he didn’t damage his own garden.

But the family had been bitten by a cricket, and it is their son’s fault for accidentally scratching the insect.

The insect bites the family and causes the mother to fall.

The insects bite the family again, and the boy gets bitten by the cricket again.

The family eventually learns to live with the insect and, after the cricket dies, the family finds themselves a happy family.

However, many critics have criticised the film for using science fiction tropes and not having a real-world story.

Critics say it is unrealistic to assume that all insects are capable of biting.

They say it makes the novel too short and its too similar to real life, which often has no rules or regulations.

The story of the book has led some to say it was unrealistic to expect the insect bite to be effective against an all-powerful insect.

And some have said that the novel did not go far enough to demonstrate the efficacy of its insect-killing method.

Some have called the novel a “carnival-style horror film”.

“In fact, I believe it is the worst of the worst science fiction stories, as it is too unrealistic,” said the critic and blogger Brian Lea, who wrote on the novel’s Facebook page.

The film, which opens in Australia on Saturday, is being promoted as a “scientific thriller” by the Australian Film Institute.

It stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Helen Mirren, Chris Pine, James Franco, Tom Hiddleston, Zoe Kazan, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Benedict Wong.

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