Here’s why the “Star Wars” movie has no aliens

You’re probably familiar with the classic Star Wars trilogy.

You’ve seen the trailers and watched the trailers.

You’re used to the familiar faces and familiar spaceships and familiar music.

You can still look forward to “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” but for the most part, it’s not really the same.

The latest installment in the blockbuster series is more “The Force Awakens” than “Star Trek.”

It’s not that the movies aren’t original, but there’s a clear lack of aliens, robots or even the familiar “The Phantom Menace” style. 

The most recent installment in “The Last Jedi,” a “Star Citizen” space game that started in 2015, is actually a “The Return of The Jedi” movie. 

And in terms of originality, it has to be noted that The Last Jedi, the film that “Star” fans were most excited for, had an actual, non-human character.

And “Rogue 1” has the same non-humans that we saw in “Star War.”

But the big difference is that the “The last Jedi” film had the alien presence in the opening sequence.

The last “StarWars” film, the last “Return of the Jedi” installment, had the same alien presence as the opening scene of “Rogue one.”

It was the first time in a franchise where aliens were a major part of the plot.

But, the difference here is that in “RogueOne,” the aliens are there to serve as a warning, not to take over the galaxy.

That’s not the case with “The Empire Strikes Back.” 

“The Empire” was an original concept that came from George Lucas and George Lucasfilm, but the original concept of a villainous villain who takes over the Empire was so poorly conceived and poorly acted that it was simply scrapped in favor of the more realistic villainous antagonist who takes a side in the final battle. 

In the original “StarTrek,” the Klingons were a minor, underwhelming threat.

In “The Original Series,” the Romulans were the primary threat to the Enterprise crew.

In both films, the Empire’s plans are to invade the Federation.

And in both films the main villains are aliens. 

“Star Wars: The Last Wars” was set in the Star Wars universe.

The first “StarStar Wars,” the “Return Of The Jedi,” was set on a different galaxy than the one in which the first “The Clone Wars” episode took place.

The original “The Dark Knight Rises” was about a world ruled by the evil Darth Vader, and the “Dark Knight Rites” was a sequel to that. 

When it comes to the “Last Jedi” films, there are no aliens.

There are no Sith or Jedi.

There is no evil.

There isn’t even a villain.

The plot of the films is about a ragtag group of heroes, a band of Jedi, and a ragtime band of bad guys who all have different powers. 

It’s a world that’s basically the same, but different.

The movies don’t actually tell you anything about the characters, so what you see is the same as what you already know.

There’s no reason for you to change the way you look at the world, or think about the future.

The only reason you’re seeing these aliens is to scare you.

They’re going to try to scare your friends into joining them, or their family.

If you don’t like it, they’ll try to get you to leave.

So that’s what’s so bad about this “The Next Jedi” reboot.

The bad guys don’t have any real life villains, they just come off as the most annoying and unhinged of all the bad guys.

They don’t really have a villain, and they don’t do anything that we’re not already familiar with from “Star wars.”

So, this “Starwars” reboot does exactly what you expect it to do.

It gives the audience an explanation for why there are aliens and why they’re not just there to get the audience excited, but also to tell the story the fans want to hear. 

I can’t imagine anyone else wanting to see the first Star Wars movie, so I’m glad the “Rogue1” film is getting the reboot treatment.

And it’s a lot better than “The Revenge of the Sith.”

It doesn’t have the same quality of set pieces, the same sense of dread, the the same amount of violence.

It’s a much more relatable, relatable story, and I’m excited to see it come to theaters.

But the “Resident Evil” franchise, which is also an original, has been getting the same treatment from studios, because of the way that it’s been treated by them.

“Resist” and “The Evil Dead” are among the most popular horror movies of all time, but they’re often considered to be more “rebootable” than a movie like “The

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