How do you catch insect killers?

A new insect killer, designed to help control cockroaches, is about to be rolled out.

It’s called the Insecticide Freeze Killer and it has been developed by a company called Synergy Labs.

The insecticide Freezer is designed to be applied directly on cockroach corpses.

Synergy’s CEO, Daniel Pachler, told the BBC it was designed to kill insects that feed on the dead roaches.

“It kills all those insects that eat the roaches, all those bugs that are attracted to the roach, and then it kills the roches themselves by freezing them,” he said.

“The frozen roaches will then become dead roches.

So the freeze kills all the bugs that live in the frozen roach corpses and the rocs, and we’ve done that for at least three years now.”

So we’ve got a pretty good kill rate for the insects, I guess, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

“The insect killer is designed specifically to help kill cockroches that feed at night and are attracted by light.”

If you look at our models of insecticides, the main ones that we see are a lot more powerful than what we use today, but it’s not always what you want to see,” Pachlers said.

He said the product was the first of its kind in the insecticide industry and would be used by some 100 million people around the world.

The product is made by Synergy, which is based in London and was founded by a couple of researchers.

It has a patent on the idea.

It is not the first insecticide designed specifically for cockroch control, but its name is a nod to the term “freezer”.

It’s the same concept used in the United States.”

We are not the only ones that have been working on insecticide freezers for a while, but we are the first ones that use the term ‘freezer’,” Pachiers said.

The products name also highlights the company’s emphasis on sustainability and the need to ensure the products are safe.”

Our freezers are engineered to withstand high temperatures, and to avoid corrosion from chemical substances in the environment,” Pochiers said in a statement.”

But they are also designed to keep them completely safe, so they don’t degrade and don’t have any side effects.

“The company is also using the term to promote its product and get the word out.”

This is an important first step towards a more sustainable future for us,” Pachelers said in the statement.

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