How to keep a net in a trap

By now you’ve probably seen this, but it’s something that I can only dream of doing.

I love my traps and I love being able to use them for my pest control work.

It’s a good thing, too.

I’m not going to lie, they’re a little intimidating.

I’ve used them myself to try and catch cockroaches, moths and beetles, but nothing quite compares to getting a trap up and running in the middle of a busy street.

I’ve got to say, the netting is great, but what’s really worth mentioning is the way they hold the trap.

I bought a few of these to try, and they’re very useful for insect control, particularly when you’re in a busy urban area where you need to keep an eye out for potential bugs.

You can’t get more comfortable with them, even with the net and a long pole, than you would with a long stick.

They can be very effective at catching bugs in just a few minutes, and I’ve even had one that caught a cockroach in under five minutes.

If you can, it’s a great way to get your hands dirty and keep an eyes on the city.

I’ll definitely be using them again in the future, and if I ever find myself in a bit of a bind, it makes me feel like I’m not doing anything wrong.

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