Insect cocoons found in Australian soil

The Australian government is warning against using insects for “cocoon identification” because of the potential for contamination of soil.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, there are about 8,500 insects that have been identified as invasive in Australia.

The government says the most common insects found in soil are the housefly, centipede, beetle, wasp, hornet and cockroach.

The insects have also been linked to serious health problems, such as ear infections, blood infections and death.

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) says the risk of contamination can be reduced if insects are kept under tight control.

“If you use them, you need to monitor them,” DPI spokesperson Anne Gail said.

“They’re not just used to keep the plants in place, they’re used to get rid of pests, and then you need them back again if they get in.”

In a statement, DPI says it is not in a position to provide advice on insect cocoons or how to control them.

“This is a very complicated and challenging issue,” Dpi said.

The department says insects can be used for a number of purposes, but one of the most important is identification, because insects are used as a marker for disease and pests.

DPI said its use of insects for identification is voluntary, and it encourages people to contact them if they are concerned about the use of these insects in the field.

The agency said it is still developing its methods for controlling pests.

The Australian Institute of Agricultural Research (AIFAR) says that some of the more than 1,000 species of insects are invasive.

“There is an overwhelming consensus that insects are an important part of pest control systems,” AIFAR’s chief scientific officer, Tim Taylor, said.

“[But] there’s a lot of debate around what insects are suitable for pest control and the issue of what is suitable and what isn’t.”

Taylor said it was difficult to quantify the cost of controlling pests using insects.

“So the question is, do you put money in the bank?” he said.

AIFar also recommends that people consider using only natural control methods, such inorganic fertilisers, and not chemicals.

“Most insects do not require these control techniques,” Taylor said.

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