When to use insect cocoons

The term “cocoon” refers to a protective membrane made from silk, silkworm larvae, and other insects that has been used to treat malaria for more than 100 years.The word “cobweb” was first used by a British physician in 1770.The term is a combination of two different words: cocoon and web.It means a piece of material […]

What insects are most commonly mistaken for humans?

Insects are most often mistaken for human beings.It’s true that humans have been eating bugs for thousands of years, but not in a positive way.In fact, there’s a large body of research showing that many insects are much more nutritious than we think.“We eat them to survive,” says Paul J. Heinemann, a professor of entomology […]

How to identify the best insect eggs for the garden

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of how to identify which insects are the best eggs to feed your garden, and why.Insect eggs have a long history in gardening, with many people believing that the eggs of the black widow caterpillar and the American robin are the most suitable for gardening.However, research has now […]

Insect cocoons found in Australian soil

The Australian government is warning against using insects for “cocoon identification” because of the potential for contamination of soil.According to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, there are about 8,500 insects that have been identified as invasive in Australia.The government says the most common insects found in soil are the housefly, centipede, beetle, wasp, […]

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