The latest research on how people and plants cope with climate change

Scientists are exploring whether plants and animals can adapt to changing climate by adapting to changing seasons, new research suggests.

A study published in Nature Communications says that the way plants and creatures respond to extreme weather and extreme temperatures can depend on their responses to their own biology and how they respond to changes in their environment.

Researchers studied how climate change impacts different plants and plants and their relatives such as plants that have adapted to a warming climate, like daffodils and blueberry plants.

The study, which used a combination of genetic and genetic data, showed that plant and animal species are evolving to adapt to warmer temperatures.

It found that, as the planet warms, plants and the plants and organisms they depend on have to adapt and change to stay alive.

“We see these changes all over the world.

We’re seeing species that have been bred to be resilient to drought, but we see them change in response to different climates,” study lead author Anja Jahn, a PhD candidate in the department of entomology at the University of Pennsylvania, said.”

It’s really fascinating to see these processes happen in different plants, and what we’re seeing is the plants adapting to a different climate, and the animals adapting to different environments.””

We think these species are changing for the better because they’re doing the right things,” Jahn said.

But how the plants are adapting to climate change will vary depending on where they live, she added.

The researchers also looked at the impact of climate change on other species, such as the flowering plants that are essential to food security.

Jahn said she’s hopeful that other researchers will take note of her findings.

“I think that we’re not going to be able to do much with these plants, but I think we can make some really interesting and important observations,” she said.

While some plants have been adapted to climate, others, like the daffo and the pinyon, have evolved to adapt differently.

Jahns research will help guide future climate change research.

“One of the things that we’ve learned is that species do not evolve in a linear way, they evolve in different directions,” Jannas study co-author Roberta Goglia said.

Goglia is a graduate student in Jahns lab.

She’s also an assistant professor in entomological sciences at Penn.

“What’s really cool about these plants is that they are adapting,” she added, “but it’s also the plant itself that’s changing and that we see changes in the animals, in the plants, in their ability to tolerate the changes.”

In other words, the plants might not always be able get along with the climate change, but they’re adaptable and able to adapt.

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