What you need to know about the latest insect video game – and why it’s so popular

If you’ve played a game like Worms or Doom, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a bug crawling around your computer.

But what about a modern-day insect?

This week we’ve got the latest in insect videos from the likes of The Tick, Super Mario Bros. 4, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The Tick’s latest video is called “Huge, Hilarious, and Hilariously Terrible Insect”.

It features an insect crawling around in the background of a video, which we think is a cool design.

We also like that this is a bug video that’s not over the top, like a horror movie.

You can watch it below.

It’s one of the best examples of bug video we’ve seen so far.

Super Mario Brothers 4 is the latest entry in the series, and it’s still a little under 100 years old.

It features a bug running around, which is a nice touch.

This one’s a little more dark and sinister, but it’s not as much of a departure as it sounds.

There’s a bit of a twist here, though.

In the title, the player can see a bunch of bugs.

These are supposed to be the real ones, but the developers have decided to call them “super bugs”.

We think that’s a good move, because it’s clear that they’re not real bugs, but rather fake insects that the developers want the player to see.

Call of the Duty: Black Ops III, meanwhile, is a multiplayer shooter, and is one of Activision’s best-selling franchises.

It has been out for about a year now, and has more than 5 million copies sold.

The game features some of the most awesome gameplay footage you’ll see this year, including the Mantis’ epic battle against The Tick.

If you want to check out more bug video, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites below.

Watch: Watch the best insect videos on Polygon.

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