When the firefly dies, the firebird dies too

The firefly was born in the spring of 1918 and grew up as a symbol of freedom, but when its lifespan began to shorten it became the target of a brutal and devastating attack.

It became a symbol not only for the fireflies, but also for the social ostracism that was rife in the world at the time.

The fireflies were hunted for their wings, feathers and wingspan.

Their skins were prized for their ability to make clothing for the wealthy.

They were also used in trade to manufacture shoes.

The only way to save the firebirds was to kill them.

The birds were hunted, their bodies cut into small pieces and scattered across the world.

The American War in Europe was fought on the European continent.

During the fighting, the Americans captured fireflies and killed thousands of them with their artillery.

The British also took them and slaughtered the firebait for their feathers.

But the Germans were ruthless, and the fireballs were a major weapon in their arsenal.

The German commander of the artillery, General Kurt von Boeselager, ordered the firebombing of the fires in the forests surrounding the town of Königsberg.

The fires destroyed the German artillery batteries, forcing the German forces to retreat and flee to the North Sea.

The destruction of Köln and the burning of the towns and villages of Hamburg, Hamburg, Breslau and Munich is the largest firebombings of German cities.

Thousands of people were killed in Kölner, the town closest to Königberg.

Many German cities were destroyed by firebomb.

The Germans were also able to create an artificial forest.

It consisted of a vast mass of dead fireflies in a large field.

As the fires raged, the forest was covered with ash and debris.

It was impossible to tell who had the right to use the forest and who had not.

The tree had been built by the Germans.

When the German military was forced to retreat, many firebombs were used by the British.

The bombs were a devastating weapon against civilians, causing hundreds of deaths and injuring hundreds of thousands.

After the war, firebombers were outlawed in Germany.

Today, the trees of KÜLNER still stand as the symbol of the forests destroyed by the fire.

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